Research paper, thesis or dissertation all are a part of academic research writing. Academic research writing is a document that incorporates the previous findings, current analysis and finding on some logical topic. It could be a relationship between two or more variables, generally called dependant and independent variables or it could be an impact of two things.

Normally itís a perception that research paper writing is too difficult and treated like aliens by most of the students. Have we ever thought why? What is the reason behind that? Itís because most of the time students doesnít get proper writing help and guidance for their works. Neither have they got proper and authentic resources for writing such reports.

There are some basic steps or sections, the learning of which could improve the research paper writing. These sections are as follows,

3.Literature Review

Title: This is the part that includes the topic of the research paper, the name of author and the course for which this research paper is created. It is advised that the title should be short yet explanatory. Ot should be logical and practical.

Abstract: This part includes the summary of the whole research document. Itís more like essays where the relevantinformation is given including the result, finding and the method or procedure used to carry out the research.

Literature Review: Literature review is the part where background research on the relevant topic is included to create a support for the current findings. Students are advised to look for the recent finding to create a better comparison among the research articles and to better predict and analyze the current findings.

References: Research paper require study of several research articles, books, essays etc. The references of all such sources should be added in this part to make sure the authenticity of the information.

Appendixes: there are certain things like diagrams or maps which cannot be included in the research body but are important to create clarity of the research findings, all such things are included in this section. This section isnít mandatory in the report and therefore in most of the research papers its not included.

Tables: Figures are given a number; all these numbers are listed in this table to create synchronization between the diagrams and the page. These help readers to find it easily.

Discussion: This part includes the result, findings and future recommendations for the current topic. It shows weather the hypothesis got accepted or rejected.


If the above mentioned structural tips are followed, research paper writing would be much easy. They can even consult some of the writers who work at the writing help services to make sure they have avoided all the errors in the report.